Thursday, March 8, 2012

Makan Oat

Posted by Iza Faizah at 10:33 PM
im getting bored here. Keningau is none other than a work place for me. I didnt hate my job. im enjoying it. i love my students and i sometimes loves buat kerja kerani.SOMETIMES. but mostly i am so fed up buat fail10000x which idk bila habis. kenapa mesti byk fail?oh byk jawatan. kenapa bagi saya byk jawatan? oh sebab saya pandai buat kerja. ok if like that,i decided to malas2..but hmm..its my job:(

saya rindu to do teaching aids.i llooovee i miss my 11 periods teaching at smesh.

so tomoro,go back home for a week holiday.A WEEK! i am so happy. i love KK! i love my mom,my dad,my sis,my bro,my CATS.home sweet home. and my FIANCE:))) geli2.

thanks for reading this.hahaha.


oleensra said...

iza dear so how's your life now in new school? be happy iza kucing2 :) (hahaha..tiba2 teringat masa awal perkenalan kita)

oleensra said...

*how ^^


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