All About Green Eve

i smile when its fun, i smile when its happy, i smile when its hurt, i smile when i cry..i hold those feelings and kept it safely inside, i'd rather hurt than makes people hurt. 

Im intuitive

I can ususally tell what someones intentions are whether they are good or bad

I can tell when someone is lying 

I get suspicious very easily

Can be emotional

Im stubborn

Loyalty forms an important part of my personality, and is something that i will feel strongly in my outlook towards family, friends and those i love

i am not one to develop faith and trust in others too readily, and it can take quite a period of time before i finally assess and accept that another person is as loyal and trustworthy toward me, as i am to them. Once i have reached this stage of a relationship however, then i will seal a relationship that is likely to last for life

I tend to hold my feelings close to my chest, and will refrain from revealing the extent of them to easily. While to others around me, my outward appearance may appear calm and collected, within me and beneath the surface i can be seething with upset and annoyance.

basically, saya degil tapi boleh lentur, secretive,intuitive, loyal.

Sedang cuba perbaiki diri untuk akhirat yang abadi!


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