Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Streamyx,School and Life

Posted by Iza Faizah at 10:13 PM
7 months oredi at school :) I made it..get used to it but yes,I still want to pindah to another school,bukan apa cuma..hurm.

Streamyx pun baru pasang..ok la,at least got entertainment after tired at school..TIRED.School mengambil all the energy i have..students mostly.

Few weeks ago,me,him and family go to Tawau.. :p my bro kawin,never tot of it.

Last week,i got Handball Tournament at SMK Telupid..gila,telupid?how to survive for 5 days there? but then ada jugala hotel n kedai makan yg ok.Queen Alice Inn,Restoran Sri Dewi. 

My students (yang muda2 la :p)and collegue.

Kak Wan,Kak Ren,me,Maz n student.

I think its time to recharge,tomoro EXAM which is a hooray time for me~~or for the teachers i think.
Can't wait for the school holidayyyy..yeayyy!


Abdul Hadi Parman said...

wah...smpi juga d telupid yg indah ni ye cikgu.salam kenalan dr sy dr sk langkabong :)


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